COD Building and Civil Engineering


Name: Eng. Mwalimu K. Musau, HSC.

Date of Birth      1954

Nationality          Kenyan

Language      English, Swahili, Greek,      (French, German)

Phone     0786 780 999/0727 780 999

E-mail Address     


1983             MSc. Civil Engineer (Strucrural, Hydraulics and Transportations), Dissertation theme: “The Efficiency and Effectiveness of the existing Transportation System in both PORT LAGOS and LAGOS CAPITAL CITY”

1996            Obtained a certificate of registration with the Engineers’ Registration Board as a Registered Professional Engineer

1996              Registered as a Corporate Member with the Institution of Engineers of Kenya

2001            Registered by the Engineers’ Registration Board as a Consulting Engineer.

2014            A PhD. Student at the University of Nairobi.


  1. Successfully attended and participated in Integrated Water Resources Management course organized by Applied Training Project – Nile Basin Initiative in collaboration with Makerere University and the World Bank.  I obtained a certificate on completion
  2. Successfully attended and participated in a course in “utility Regulation and Strategy” at the Public Utility Centre/World Bank Training Program and obtained a certificate,
  • Successfully attended and participated in the 18th Regional Water and Sanitation Seminar. The theme was Water and Sanitation in Urban Africa: Emerging Approaches for Reaching the Un-served poor.
  1. Certificate of achievement in Corporate Governance for directors of State Corporations conducted by the Centre for Corporate Governance on behalf of the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation,
  2. Certificate in “Foundations Course in Utility Regulation in Africa” at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The utilities included water, electricity and gas. The course was conducted by the National Association for Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), University of Cape Town (UCT), the Publc Utilities Research Centre (PURC), Regional Association of Energy Regulators (RERA) of South Africa, The African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR), The U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank/ Public- Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). The course aimed at enhancing skills of professionals who are involved in the Utility Regulation
  3. Successfully attended a workshop on “The Certification of Aerodromes” conducted, at Nairobi, by The International Civil Aviation Organization for the purpose of increasing the knowledge of those whose duties and responsibilities fall within, or are associated with, the subject; and I obtained a certificate.
  • Succeessfully attended a seminar on “The Exchequer And Audit (Public Procurement) Regulations 2001;and obtained a certificate.
  • Successfully completed a course in Basic Counselling Skills I & II in Amani Counselling Centre & Training Institute and obtained certificates.
  1. Successfully completed a sandwich course in “Industrial Relations Skills” and obtained a certificate.
  2. Obtained a certificate in “Airport Design and Construction” course at Singapore Aviation Academy.
  3. Successfully completed a management challenge course at Outward Bound Trust Kenya and obtained a certificate. The course included Leadership, Teams and Team building skills, communication skills, vision, trust, interpersonal skills, delegation, empowerment and creativity,
  • Obtained a certificate in Airport Environment & Security Awareness,
  • Obtained certificate in Management Development,
  • Participated in a Project Development and Management Course at Kenya Institute of Administration. This is a nine weeks elaborate Course that focuses on the identification, development and implementation of Development Projects according to the needs of an area/ Community; co-ordination of effective use of scarce resources; monitoring and evaluating performance and impact of development projects/ programmes effectively, 1993. Course contents include: Project Development and management Analysis, Project Implementation and Control, Project Economics, Management of Resources (Human and Natural Resources), Time Management,
  1. Attended an International Civil Aviation Organization workshop on Civil Aviation Statistics held at the ICAO Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) Regional Office, Nairobi. At this workshop, I had the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the discussion on the practical procedures for collection, compilation, analysis and use of Civil Aviation statistics at the national and international levels. On successfully completing the workshop I was issued a certificate
  • Attended an International Civil Aviation Organization workshop on Forecasting and Economic Planning held at the ICAO Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) Regional Office, Nairobi. At this workshop, I had the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the discussion on the forecasting and planning methodology, their applications as well as evaluating growth prospects, and other planning issues and obtained a certificate,
  • Attended the 9th International Civil Aviation Association – ICAA/AFI & 1st Airports Association Council International – AACI/AFI conference in Nairobi. In this conference I had the opportunity to participate in discussions on “How to Improve Airport Revenue”
  • Attended a one day’s course on classification of information, organizing and managing classified information as well as information integrity at the Criminal Investigation Department Training School
  • Attended an International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO Seminar on ATS Airspace Classification and Civil/Military co-ordination held at the ICAO Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) Regional Office, Nairobi and obtained a certificate,
  1. Prepared a Review on “The Need to Have a Second parallel Runway constructed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by the year 1990”; An Overview and projection of data over a period of two years.  This was a study on planning for Airport Development and it entailed, among other things, conducting a detailed survey on aircraft and passenger movements at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for the past ten years period.  Then, there after analyzed the data/information and using statistical formulae, projected the same to the target year. After which, the forecast data was assessed and checked to ascertain its statistical validity and soundness before being adopted for use in the subsequent calculations.
  • Attended the 11th workshop/meeting of the Africa and Indian Ocean planning and Implementation Regional group at the ICAO Regional office – Nairobi. I participated in discussion(s) on Global Air traffic issues.
  • Successfully completed the HAY Guide Chart Course at KAA Headquarters and obtained a certificate.


2015 – To date,       Lecturer and Chairman of Building and Civil Engineering Department at Machakos University and also Sessional Senior Lecturer at Technical Universty of Kenya.

2005 – 2013         Director/CEO – Kenya Water Institute (KEWI)

2003 – 2004

2003 – 2004         Professional Consultants as a consulting Civil and Traffic Engineer

2004 – 2007   Appointed Director to the Board of Directors for Electricity Regulatory Board

2004 – 2007   Appointed Director to the Board of Directors for Coast Water Services Board.

1987 – 2003   Airport Engineer – Min. of Transport (Aerodromes Depart.) / Kenya

Airports Authority

1983 – 1986 Snr. Engiineer – Bennie & Partners, and Constandinithis, Athens – Greece

1978 – 1982 Civil Engineer – Poulopoulos & Partners Consulting Engineers, Athens – Greece


As Director/CEO of Kenya Water Institute (KEWI), I held the responsibility, among others, for:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Administration and Staff management, Team building
  3. Capacity development for technical staff in the water sector placing emphasis on food security, crops and livestock, agribusiness, pro poor, training in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), approach to natural resource management using local knowledge, appropriate technologies; training farmers on drought resistant crops, Public-Private Partnership
  4. Capacity development for students – Lecturing
  5. Laision with the Board of Directors and the parent Ministry for smooth functioning of the Institute
  6. Prudent financial management and robust investment strategies
  7. Leadership, ethics and governance
  8. Efficient high quality service provision, customer care and value for money approach to bussiness
  9. Budgetary issues
  10. Performance contracting
  11. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 1983 – 1986


  1. FLOOD CONTROL WORKS IN VIOTIKOS KIFISSOS RIVER – GREECE: A series of eight small dams of 36m average height. I did the planning and Dimensioning of the Dams.
  1. IRRIGATION SCHEME AT ARTA – GREECE: A project that included a 42m high Arch Dam and fifteen boreholes. The generally plain and relatively raised terrain of Arta made the technical part of this study particularly difficulty in identifying the means to harness, collect, store and distribute water for irrigation within the region.  I worked on the determination of the various water heads and water pressures.



I did the:-

Analysis of the statistical data

Planning and dimensioning of the Dam.

Hydrological Study for the Spillway

Hydraulic and Structural analysis for the Spillway

Planning and designing three Diversion roads: 900m, 1327m and 3514m long.

Preparation of the Bills of Quantities and cost    estimates

A SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT, in Rhodos the Capital of a highly touristic Rhodos Island in the South East of Greece. This town covers an area of about 10 sq. km. and accommodates over 100,000 people every summer. My contribution in this study included the Design of the Sewage Treatment Plant-General Layout.

AN IRRIGATION PATTERN at Raxa in Trikala, Central Greece. An Irrigation layout on 10,000 hectares land with water being pumped from ten boreholes to an overhead storage tank conveniently constructed for the purpose. I worked on the Structural analysis and Design of the tank.

In August 1985, was appointed the Head of the Technical team on the Design of Dams and their Spillways.  I had three Civil Engineers (Hydraulics), two Assistant Engineers (civil), Four Draftsmen and a few Subordinate staff working under me.  We planned and designed, at final study level, the Plakiotissas and Phaneromeni earth dams in Messaras-Crete.

These dams have been designed 46m and 48m high with reservoirs of 184 and 197 million cubic meters and are to be used for water supply and irrigation over an area of 4,800 and 26,500 hectares respectively.

Other engineering assignments

  • May 1978 – Nov. 1982

Worked with poulopoulos and Partners Consulting Engineers in Athens – Greece as an Assistant structural Engineer.  I was involved mainly in the Structural analysis, Design of Structures: Concrete, Steel as well as Timber structures; (trusses, frames, beams, columns, roof slabs etc.)  Preparation of Bills of Quantities and cost estimates.

  • June 1983 – Jan. 1986

Worked as a Civil Engineer Hydraulics with Bennie & Partners and Constantinidis consulting Engineers in Athens Greece.  I worked in the feasibility and final study of the Sterno-Kalaritiko Hydro-Electric Dam Project financed by the European Economic Community. This Hydro-Electric plant was designed to produce 75 MW and was estimated to cost US $4 billion.  In the feasibility part of the study, I was involved mainly in the Site Geological Survey doing soil Sample Testing and Analysis.  In the final study of the same project, I did the Hydraulic analysis of the dam Spillway.

  • 1986 – Dec. 1986

Worked as a Senior Civil Engineer (Tranportations) with the Greek Highways Consultants ETE.  I was involved in the final study of the national Highway No.2 Thessaloniki-Turkish Borders Section Kavala-xanthi-Komotini and I was responsible (Civil Engineer-in-Charge) for the Feasibility study for the Provincial Road KATARAKTIS-AGNATA

  • Feb 1987

Joined the Ministry of Transport and Communication in Aerodromes Department

On joining the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Aerodromes Department, Engineering Division, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, I have been involved in:-


Liaising with airport Engineers and District Works Officers on matters concerning airport/airstrip maintenance and development


I have participated in the Inspection and Supervision of the following projects:

  1. Reconstruction of the leaking roof at control Tower building at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Contract No.JKA/214/B

My main contribution being on the choice of the roof construction material and the slopes of the roof

  1. Access Road to New Aerodromes Administration Complex stores and the Cargo Terminal Extension (steel works) Contract No JKA/233/B

My contribution was mainly on the supervision of the sub-base and base construction as well as the asphalt surface.  At Cargo terminal Extension, I advised on the foundation floor slab, concrete reinforcement and on the steel works (trusses and frames).

  • Kitale new Airstrip Contract No. KTL/205/C. At this project I did the Structural Design of the terminal building roof slab as well as the supervision during its construction.
  1. Moi International Airport extension of the air-traffic control Tower building Contract No MIA/238/B where I was involved in the general discussion on the soil strength and the foundation of the extension (building) as well as on the structural design of the construction
  1. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Flood lights, Contract No.JKA/231/E. At this project I did the foundation Structural Design of the Flood lights base and supervised its construction.
  • 1988

Became fully engaged at the then proposed planning section of the Engineering Division.  I therefore prepared the Draft on the proposed Engineering Division Planning section where I surveyed on the organizational Structure and Staffing of the Planning Section.

  • 1992

Posted to Wilson Airport to perform the duties of an Airport Engineer: The overall Engineer in charge of all technical matters at the Airport

  • 1994

Posted to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to perform the duties of an Airport Engineer:  The overall Engineer in charge of all technical matters at the Airport (The technical division is comprised mainly of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Building sections with over three hundred and fifty member employees).  Here, I performed both Administrative and Engineering duties; Thus:-

Co-ordinate and manage all Airport Technical matters.  (Planning, Design, Construction and maintenance)

Co-ordinate the:

  • Procurement of all Technical items.
  • Development and Management of Technical Staff
  • Technical Contracts.

I supervised the Rehabilitation of Aircraft Pavement at Wilson Airport.The major components of this Kshs. 238 M. Project included; The Reconstruction of a 1558 m. Long by 23 m. Wide Runway, A 182,550 sq. Mts Apron and Rehabilitation of the associated Drainage System.

  • 2008 – 2012

Attended several courses, seminars, conferences and workshops on mobilization, utilization and management of resources as well as on Leadership

  • 2007

Won the presitigious National Integrity award

  • 2008

Was accorded the Head of State’s Commendation – HSC recognition


April 1989 – May 1989

  • Successfully undertook a six weeks’ course on the “Application of microcomputers to Data Management and Planning at Kenya Institute of Administration. During this period of time I learned the following Microcomputer Application packages:
  • Disk Operating System
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • Dbase III Plus
  • Word Perfect

Aug. 1996

  • Successfully completed a comprehensive course in Computer Network and Internet Systems. I studied Unix and Novell Network Software and obtained certificates in:-
  • Unix User
  • Unix System Administrator
  • Novell User
  • Novell System Admin.
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access


                          Read               Write                                Speak

English             Very Good     Very Good       Very Good

Kiswahili        Very Good               Good              Very Good

Greek          Very Good           Good             Very Good

French             poor               Poor                  Fair

German           Poor               Poor                  Fair

Technical Papers; Presentations

  1. Transparency and Access to Information – Presented to Water Service Providers, Managing Directors’

Workshop on 10th -12th Oct. 2012 in Mombasa, Kenya

  1. Appreciation of the Self – Presented to Water Service Providers, Managing Directors’

Workshop on 10th -12th Oct. 2012 in Mombasa, Kenya

  1. Role of Science and Technology: Access to affordable clean water – Presented to 3rd National conference.

Dissemination of Resesarch results

& Exhibition of Innovation on

3rd to 7th May 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Efficient Water and Land utilization for Irrigation in arid and semi arid areas – Isreal experience.
  • Presented to The Institution of Engineers of Kenya International Conference on 22nd to 24th April 2010

in Nairobi, Kenya.

  1. Leadreship Development & Attitude change – Presented to  Course participants from Nile Basin Initiative

Member countries on 24th to 26th Feb. 2009 in Kisumu, Kenya

  1. Appropriate Technology for water purification in Kenya – Presented to Water Symposium on 2nd to 6th June

2008 in Durban, South Africa

  1. Role of Water Training Institutes in African developing economies – Presented to workshop participants

at The International Water Institute,

on 15th to 19th Oct. 2007 in Paris, France.


Feasibility study for The Construction of Abuja International Airport – Dissertation for MSc. Civil Engineering

(Transportations) Athens, Greece

February 1984.

Forming part of the dissertation is the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Transportation System in both

Port Lagos and Lagos Capital City