Departmental Goals include:

1 Becoming one of the nation’s leading Electrical Engineering departments by building peaks of excellence in the fields of electrical installations, communications/signal processing and micro/opt-electronics and by being a leader in innovative engineering programs;

2. Offering an undergraduate curriculum that equips graduates for careers that require ingenuity, integrity, logical thinking, and the ability to work and communicate in teams, and for the pursuit of graduate degrees in engineering.

3. Offering world-class programs that prepare graduates for academic careers, for research careers in the high technology industry, or for technical entrepreneurship;

Undergraduate Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Electrical Engineering Department undergraduate program are to enable graduates to:

1. Be successful in understanding, formulating, analyzing and solving a variety of electrical engineering problems

2. Be successful in designing a variety of engineering systems, products or experiments

3. Be successful in careers and/or graduate study in engineering

4. Have the ability to assume leadership and entrepreneurial positions

5. Successfully function and communicate effectively, both individually and in multi-disciplinary teams

6. Understand the importance of lifelong learning, ethics and professional accountability