Machakos University was chartered on October 7th 2016. Formerly, it was a constituent college of Kenyatta University. Before being taken by Kenyatta University, the institution was a technical institute known as Machakos Training Institute (MTTI) with strong background in Engineering and Technology, Hospitality and Tourism and it was a renown centre of Excellence in Fashions, Clothing and Textile, hence the origin of its vision “A Preferred University of Excellence”.

The University has a strong pedagogical premise for quality teaching and training in order to achieve its mandate of ensuring accessible, affordable, flexible and relevant academic programmes for the changing socio-economic and other societal needs. Machakos University, though young, is one of the most well equipped Universities in this part of the country. It has state-of- the art modern laboratories, machines and technology. Machakos University’s School of Engineering and Technology houses one of the best mechanical, civil and electrical workshops in Kenya. Machakos University through its School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has developed one of the best upcoming hotels in this region known as Le’ Technisch Restaurant and Hotel-a center of excellence in conference tourism.

At Machakos University we believe that “an academic qualification be it a degree, diploma or a certificate as much as it is important in one’s life, it must be laced with the right attitude-change and practical skills. Hence at Machakos University we say” education is our tool box with which to manage life”. The how is the question we try to answer through our programs and curriculum game plan. We demystify the greatest myth that confronts many who think that as soon as you walk out of a University, your future is an extension of your past. And so at Machakos University, we endeavor to equip our students with soft skills, practical skills, and academic hardware, having in mind that life is a different ball game.

As the Vice Chancellor and working as a team, the university has resolved to revitalize the dream of its strengths and play its niche areas for we believe that where there is a will there is away and a thousand mile starts with one step. To fulfill this educational philosophy, we have a well designed curriculum.  Our courses range from Engineering and Technology, Hospitality and Tourism management, Pure and Applied Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Agricultural sciences, Environment and Natural Resource Management as well as Health Sciences.

In addition, during the short time of my term as the Vice Chancellor of Machakos University, TVET courses have been introduced and now Machakos University offers KNEC, KASNEB and NITA courses. The University has entered into several MOUs, completed CBA with KUSU, dug the 4th bore hole and the acquisition of a 40-acre land in Masinga is underway. To strengthen its management system, ISO 2015 certification is in place. Departmental reorganization and decentralization is taking place to increase efficiency and service delivery, most notable being the introduction of Directorate of Corporate Affairs, Public Relations and Marketing under Vice Chancellor’s office. The University’s first ever International Academic Conference was launched and was successful. The university has taken measures to inculcate work ethics, cleanliness, punctuality and good customer care. The wasteful mentality of resources will not be part of Machakos University and soon, the university is going to be paperless in all its communications. More so, the University has embraced tree planting and has set aside a day for this exercise yearly to address our environmental challenges.

The University has been and will continue offering quality service to its students and all stakeholders within the context of the changing demands of the Kenyan people and business environment. The University will continue with its collaborative partnership with industry, government, and other research partners. As the Vice Chancellor of this great University my personal endeavor is to see to it that the core mandate of University of quality teaching, research and community service is achieved.

Prof. Lucy W. Irungu, PhD
Vice Chancellor